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Shooting with Joana Duarte for Free Like Jo

From lifstyle and beauty, to travelling and wellbeing, Joana Duarte shares a few of her favourite things with the public on her newest project, Free like Jo. Her freespirite and sence of adventure, combined with her loving smile and brilliant character, Free Like Jo is a Blog to keep an eye on. Here are some photos, with hair and makeup by me and photos by Gonçalo Catarino.


IMG_0249-768x1152.jpg IMG_0266-768x1152.jpg
IMG_0352-768x1152.jpg IMG_0324-768x1152.jpg
IMG_0449.jpg IMG_0500.jpg
IMG_0585-768x1152.jpg IMG_0681-768x1152.jpg
IMG_0712-768x1152.jpg IMG_0760-768x1152.jpg