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1 Year without Shopping

Saw a young lady post this on Istagram (link below) and kind of makes you step back and think for a bit…

Would I be able? Would I be up for it?

Could I hold myself back or would I find excuses for shopping?

What would be the ground rules? I mean, lets think about it, it’s not just for myself that I buy for! I’ve got a husband and 2 kids. Can I shop for them?

What purchases would be considered “essentials” and what would be considered “flat out shopping” and “splurges”?

Why exactly would I be doing this? 

Unfortunately for me, shopping has become a sort of “therapy” and "adiction", so I’m not sure I would be able to stay in control… I mean, let’s face it, even when it comes to dieting, I always find some excuse for eating the slice of cake or the chocolate bar… so I think that with shopping I would find a way around my brain and convince myself that it would be OK and “go ahead and buy it”.

I am weak, you say? You are probably right, but honestly, would you be able? If so, good on you! 

Here is the instagram accout I mentioned, ONEYEARWITHOUTSHOPPING. As she mentioned to me, «every word of encouragement is much appreciated». So Ladies… lets give it up for this mom from Vancouver and help her on this journey. Her pictures are inspirational and so much fun and I’m certain that she would love to know that women around the world are looking out for her.

Shall we give it a go? One week without shopping, to start with...


 Photo from: "Confessions of a shopoholic"