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E.L.F. Cosmetics

Like all makeup artists, I am on a constant lookout for new and better makeup. Ever so often on my search, I would come across images or comments about E.L.F cosmetics. Not being a brand readily available in Portugal, I would discard the idea of an online purchase. But E.L.F. just kept popping up! Never, in my 12 years as a professional makeup artist, did I buy make up without knowing the texture and scent, and testing it out! But, seeing as they ship to Portugal and the prices seemed worth the risk… thought I’d give it a try. VERDICT: Thumbs up for E.L.F The eye shadows are smooth and silky with intense colour. The blushes and bronzers give a radiant glow, looking healthy and fresh all day long. The Eyelid Primmer is brilliant! Makes eye shadow last all day, and, mind you, I’m talking about a day in Portuguese summer (38ºC)! I will certainly place another order, but this time ONE OF EACH, please!