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Long lasting makeup

If it’s not the heat … its the rain! We are always struggling to make sure our makeup stays fit. Looking as fresh, as it did when you first applied it in the morning…

Here are a few of my favourite products to aid you in this “battle”.



E.L.F. Lid Primmer +/- 4€ (4 different shades)

MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pots +/- 23€ (available in several different shades)

Urban Decay Eye shadow primmer potion +/- 18€

After using any one of these products, you can then leave as is or then apply your regular eye shadow over it and I guarantee that it will last all day.


INGLOT Gel Eye Liner +/- 11€ (available in several different shades)

Smooth as you apply, and stubborn to remove. Only a very good makeup remover will aid you in this. You can use the black or brown as regular eyeliner or the other fun colours as eyeliner or even as an eye shadow.



Urban decay ALL NIGHTER Fixing Spray +/- 25€

E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set +/- 5€

After applying all your make up, spray over your face. You won’t even remember you have it on because you can't feel it. This will aid in keeping the foundation and blush on longer.


I have presented a few examples of makeup “saviours” that I use on a daily base, guaranteed to help you to tame your makeup. The products range in prices… so no excuse not to have a few… Hope this helps.